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Context Solutions provides Business Analysis services to companies in the Southern African region. With a background including a Masters Degree in Engineering, together with ten years experiance in the corporate IT sector we have a keen appreciation of the constraints that legacy business processes place on an enterprise. Re-designing an isolated business process is a complex undertaking, as a single oversight could mean disaster for the entire organisation. Changing a set of interelated Business Processes, especially where legacy data exists, requires specialised expertise.

Allow us to assist you in re-conceptualising your business. This will allow you to achieve:

  • greater production efficiency (improve the efficiency of your business processes)
  • dynamic operational monitoring (know exactly what is going on in your organisation)
  • more responsive management (respond to automated triggers from key areas of the enterprise)
  • appropriate selection of technology (use the most cost effective tools for your specific requirements)
  • achieve more effective spend of your IT budget

Industry Examples

  • Traffic Management Software: We have completed a project to assist town councils and metropols to manage distributed assets. This project is aimed at creating a register of all traffic sign, available via the Internet, for use by local authorities. Field agents are able to update the central database of signage information from any Internet enabled device. A photographic record will be available online, to facilitate sign repairs and upgrades.
  • Cellular Phone SMS Messaging systems: The client, mailPrompt.co.za, required a product that would cross the divide between eMail and Cellular telephony. Context Solutions has produced (and continues to run) an eCommerce site for the client where notification of the arrival of new eMail is handled by SMS messaging to the subscribers cellphone. Visit their website for more information about this product.
  • Internet based Health and Wellness program: The analysis involved in this product allowed for the creation of a truly unique health and wellness product for a large Medical Aid Administrator. See here for more information.
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