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Context Solutions provides Internet and intranet (internal networks) web development services to companies in the Southern African region. We have been actively involved in this technology since 1992, having attended a presentation in Cape Town, by members of CERN, where the concept of a world wide web of linked information providers emerged.

Our experiance encompasses the full spectrum, from basic web site design, through database enabled sites (compelte applications that run in a web browser) to eXtensible Markup Language (XML) for remote business to business application systems.

Industry Examples

Traffic Management Software: We are currently busy with a project to assist town councils and metropols to track distributed assets. This project is aimed at creating a traffic sign register, available via the Internet, for use by local authorities. Field agents will be able to update the central database of signage information from any Internet enabled device. A photographic record will be available online, to facilitate sign repairs and upgrades.

Medical Information Callcentre system: This system utilises SQL Server and Oracle databases, a web server and a standard internet web browser to facilitate the call centre information requirements of a managed care organisation.
This call centre, staffed by 12 people, responds to 10,000 calls per month.

Disease Management System - HIV/Aids: This system utilises several client server databases, a web server and a standard internet web browser to produce a disease management environment for the management of HIV positive patients. Clinical protocols are built into the system, allowing staff to apply appropriate and cost effective treatments.

As can be appreciated, the confidential nature of the information involved necessitated careful design of the security infrastructure for this project.

Realtime Systems Monitoring: This product is designed to give the status, in real time, of the operation of a distributed computer system, where a failure in any one part of the system would not normally be apparent to the whole until some time later. The solution involves a single web page, which is generated in real time, which shows the status of the various sections. Staff members simply click on the picture (where an arrow indicates a problem) to be taken to a detailed explanation of the cause and severity of the problem.

Internet based Health and Wellness program: The analysis involved in this product allowed for the creation of a truly unique health and wellness product for a large Medical Aid Administrator. Visit their website for more information.

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