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As an Internet application service provider (ASP), we offer several Internet services to our clients. These services are designed to add value to a client by providing an infrastructure which will allow the client to provide additional services to their clients, while removing the need for expensive infrastructure investment.

The services offered are:

Web Site Searches

Having a great web site is of little value if visitors can not find their way around your site. It is thus vitally important that you offer your visitors the option of searching your site for all pages that may be of interest to them.

Unfortunately, search engine software is not cheep, neither is it easy to configure or maintain.

We offer a search hosting service where we regularly index every word on every page of a clients web site. The client then adds a search screen to their site, which calls our database server to process the results. A "hit list" page is generated on our server, which looks indistinguishable from your site, and links the visitor back to the underlying pages on your site.

For pricing, please see here and to see the search engine working for this site, see here

eMail Mailing Lists

Many organisations wish to distribute email messages to a list of customers. This is not dificult if you have a permanent network connection and your own mail servers, however there are many people who are not in this position

We offer a closed mailing list solution. We set up a list for each client, together with a password protected web site through which the client can maintain the list. The client than sends an email message to the address of the list and we distribute this message to every email address on the list.

For pricing, please see here.

SMS Messaging

We offer our clients several ways to distribute SMS messages to cellphones. These include via the Web, via eMail, via FTP. It is also possible for us to interface SMS transmission directly into your application software if required.

For pricing, please see here.

Web site traffic analysis

We have tools which allow for detailed logging and reporting on all access to remote web sites. Simply add a few lines to the end of each of your pages to enable logging of your site. See here for an example report.
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